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Read - What this board is & how to join
Welcome to

All content on is free.

Basic (New) Membership

There are two tiers of New Memberships.

Level 1:
Registration is free & opens up additional hidden content.  All new members begin at Level 1.  

Level 2:
To advance to Level 2 membership which will open up additional content, view the "NEW MEMBER INTRO" topic which is visible only to Level 1 members for further instruction. 

(Level 2 members who become inactive* for 30+ days will be downgraded to LEVEL 1 Membership level

Please note: We periodically purge out the following accounts: lurker accounts, inactive accounts, accounts which spam, accounts which post non-useful content to boost post count, accounts who re-register after being banned & users with multiple accounts.

*INACTIVE Defined as: No meaningful posts made during that time period

Standard Membership

Basic & New (level 2) members are promoted to Standard Membership once they have met posting & length-of-membership requirements. 

Standard Members also have a "Level" assigned to them based on the number of posts they make. Everyone starts at Level 0 and is promoted a level at different intervals as they reach posting milestones. STANDARD MEMBERS at Group 4 or higher will be granted GOLD membership.

(Standard members who become inactive* for 30+ days will be downgraded to BASIC Membership level which is equivalent to New Member Level 2

*INACTIVE Defined as: No meaningful posts made during that time period

Gold Membership

This higher level of membership is reserved for serious established brokers who have established themselves on the board & by meeting & maintaining quality posting requirements.  This level opens up additional content which is not visible to lower-tier members.

(Gold members who become inactive* for 30+ days will retain Gold status but will not be able to use or access the Gold or parts of the Standard member forum until access is again granted by the Admn.  Member will have to request access again from Admin & Admin will review members account.)

*INACTIVE Defined as: No meaningful posts made during that time period.

Meaningless posts which are posted just to boost your post count will be deleted. Repeated meaningless posting will result in a ban.
Code of Conduct:


1. Calling other members names or vulgar language directed at another member is grounds for removal from the board.

2. Posting referral links or links to other paid sites or self promotion is prohibited without consent of the board administrator. Such posts may be removed. Multiple infractions can result in removal of the member from the board.

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