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Full Version: Read - What this board is & how to join
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Welcome to onsalepro.com

All content on onsalepro.com is free.

Basic (New) Membership:

Registration is free & opens up additional hidden content.  Please note: We periodically purge out the following accounts: lurker accounts, inactive accounts, accounts which spam, accounts which post non-useful content to boost post count, accounts who re-register after being banned & users with multiple accounts. (New Level 2 & Basic members who become inactive* for 30+ days can be downgraded)

Standard Membership:
Basic & New (level 2) members are promoted to Standard Membership once they have met posting & length-of-membership requirements. Standard Members have a "Level" assigned to them based on the number of posts they make. Everyone starts at Level 0 and is promoted a level at different intervals as they reach posting milestones. Members at LEVEL 3 or higher will be granted GOLD membership.   (Standard members who become inactive* for 30+ days may be downgraded) 

Gold Membership:

This higher level of membership is reserved for serious established brokers who are established members of the board & have met & maintain quality posting requirements.  (Gold members who become inactive* for 60+ days may be downgraded)

INACTIVE Defined as: No meaningful posts made during that time period.

Meaningless posts which are posted just to boost your post count will be deleted. Repeated meaningless posting will result in a ban.
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